John Church, Lawsuit Expert: Selecting the Right Attorney

Lawyers, as John Church, lawsuit expert knows, are often considered necessary evils; people you hope you never need to rely on, but you’re absolutely grateful for should the time ever come. An essential part of the legal process, as well as to any hope of success during a complex legal battle, entanglement or problem, an attorney continues to be your best bet for any sort of successful and/or beneficial resolution, regardless of the size or scope of the case your involved in.

Because attorneys are so important, says John Church lawsuit expert, so is the attorney selection process, as choosing the right lawyer can make all the difference between success and failure in a difficult case. Below are several things to consider when shopping for just the right attorney.


Sure, it seems pretty obvious, but it’s absolutely crucial to employ an attorney
you can trust, and that has a reputation for being straightforward, candid and upfront with clients throughout the legal process. When sifting through attorneys, be sure to do your research, and to meet and talk with the legal professional before making the hire.


This is something that generally be determined through the initial consultation, and is a very important thing to consider before retaining a legal representative. During the initial meeting, says John Church, lawsuit professional, ask critical questions like “Will I receive periodic updates on my case?” and “Will you be my main point of contact throughout the process?”


The right attorney, not to belabor the obvious, must be someone that works in your price range. Be sure to ask questions about the attorney’s fees before making your decision to retain.