Important Steps to take Before Filing a Lawsuit

Filing a lawsuit is not a simple matter, and should not be taken lightly. When filing a lawsuit, you should be aware that it will demand a considerable amount of your energy, finance and time. You will need to speak to an experienced lawsuit expert to advise you on how to proceed forward. Here are some important steps you should take before filing a lawsuit.

Check if You Have a Good Case

Before you go ahead and file a lawsuit, make sure you have a good case. Evaluate whether it is worth spending all that time, money and energy to fight the case, and whether you will eventually win. Make sure it is not an emotional decision that is leading you to file the lawsuit. Your lawsuits should be based on facts and not anything else.

Under the Right Theory of Law

You will need to check under which theory of law you can file your lawsuit. Your lawsuit expert can help you on whether to proceed with your lawsuit or not. If you qualify, some lawyers might represent you for no charge.

Sufficient Evidence

You will need to make sure you have sufficient evidence to prove your case. You should gather evidence like objects, records, writings, documents, photographs and any other piece of evidence. You will need to have the evidence in your possession, or you should be able to obtain what is not in your possession. If you are in possession of evidence, make sure it is preserved well for the trial.


You will also need to check if you have any witnesses who witnessed the issues happening. If you have witnesses, they should be willing to testify in court. If they are unable to come to court to testify, you might need to lock their testimony with a declaration or affidavit.

John Church, a lawsuit expert, has handled several hundreds of civil and criminal lawsuits. John Church is a man with extensive experience in civil and criminal law and has served clients in the Tristate area for many years.


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