Basic Courtroom Etiquette Tips

If you are entering a courtroom for the first time, there are several things you need to know. Courtroom etiquette is very important for advocates, witnesses, defendants and everyone in the room. Several etiquette mistakes involve talking, mannerism, presentation, tone and using electronic devices in the courtroom. Here are some important courtroom etiquette tips.

Before Entering the Courtroom

Before you enter the courtroom, you need to be fully prepared for your court appearance.

  • You should be well-prepared with all your facts, including your actual performance. Spend time to plan how you are going to deliver your case. Poor performance is considered as negligent and insulting to the court.
  • Punctuality is very important, so make sure you arrive well in advance. In the unfortunate event that you are delayed for whatever reason, send a message to your opponent and the judge’s associate. However, the judge will not be interested in any excuse, so make it a point to be at least 15 minutes early.
  • Your readiness to appear in the courtroom is vital. Make sure you wait close by so that you can hear the court officer call your case. It is very important to have your papers in order, tabbed and ready to be placed on the bar table.
  • You should be dressed appropriately, in formal clothes, like for any formal or business meeting. Outlandish hairstyles, exposed tattoos, eccentric makeup and other bizarre piercings are not appreciated in court. Because court proceedings are formal, you are expected to dress as the judge dresses, except for the robe. Short sleeved blouses and shirts, loose ties, and strapless tops are a definite “no” in a courtroom.
  • Make sure you mobile phone is switched off, or put in silent mode. Chewing gum or eating anything, including mints and cough lozenges, medication, food, beverages and newspapers are not allowed in court. If you need to use medication for your sore throat, you will need to seek prior permission from the judge.John Church lawsuit is an experienced lawsuit expert with over thirty years’ experience in the legal profession. He was born and raised in Arizona and attended Shadow Mountain High School and later studied at the Arizona State University. John Church is a man with extensive experience in civil and criminal law and has served clients in the Tristate area for many years.

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