John Church, lawsuit expert – Courtroom Etiquette Tips

As no stranger to success, John Church, lawsuit expert, practiced law for over 30 years. He provided expert advice service and representation to every client and quickly established himself to be someone who could consistently pursue and achieve the best results possible. John Church is well-established in the tri state area and as a knowledgeable legal professional in his field is respected for his professionalism and courtroom etiquette. Many of his clients speak highly of his politeness, professional attire, and his punctuality.

John Church, lawsuit expert, knows that being polite and showing deference is essential to an efficient trial and demonstrates how focused you are to the judge. It is important to be polite with the judge, and the courtroom staff, as well as the opposing counsel. Punctuality is a certain way emphasize your intentions and how seriously you are taking the case. Being tardy is never acceptable and can hamper your chances of a successful trial as it can upset the judge, jury, and other members of the courtroom staff. Even though they are known to be indifferent, every little advantage can help you make the right impression and leaving a bad impression by being late can set you back. It is also important to dress the part as proper courtroom attire is extremely important for the sake of appearance, tradition and making a great impression. John Church has been at the head of several successful trials and negotiations and is one of the most successful lawsuit professionals in his field.


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