John Church, Lawsuit Expert: Preparing for a Settlement Conference

A settlement conference is an important aspect of any lawsuit, as it is an important attempt to provide resolution to a case before heading to what can be a time-consuming and costly courtroom trial. The settlement conference, says John Church, lawsuit expert, provides both parties the opportunity to negotiate a compromise; to present both the judge and the opposition an argument for avoiding a costly trial without placing the outcome in the hands of a jury.

As such an important part of the process, says John Church, lawsuit expert, it’s important for everyone involved in the case to research and prepare themselves for what lies ahead. Church offers several helpful tips for conference preparation below.

Be Ready to Negotiate

The primary objective of this meeting, says Church, is to negotiate an acceptable resolution, which requires the need to make concessions along the way. Work with your attorney to establish the items you are and aren’t willing to compromise on beforehand, and be sure to keep an open mind about the negotiations process throughout the meeting.

Listen to the Judge

Throughout the course of a settlement process, says John Church, lawsuit expert, each party involved must be prepared to listen to any and all information provided by the presiding judge, as he/she is the objective party.

Be Organized

Before taking part in a settlement conference, says Church, be sure you have equipped yourself with all necessary information, and that your research is organized in the manner that best argues and explains your case. Do your best to outline what you believe to be the strengths and weaknesses of the particular case, and to support your argument as thoroughly as possible.


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