More Tips for Successful Mediation

John Church, lawsuit expert has been involved in numerous meditations throughout his career, and has acquired an extensive knowledge of the process, the people involved and what is needed to navigate through and steer a mediation towards the best quality outcome for a client. An experienced lawsuit attorney and expert negotiator, Church understands the preparation, research and timing involved in making a mediation go by as smoothly, quickly and effectively as possible.

John Church lawsuit expert previously discussed the importance of research and preparation both before and during the mediation process. He now looks to provide a few more simple tips every attorney should consider when approaching an upcoming mediation.

Build a Strong Opening Statement

The opening statement in a mediation is the attorney’s best chance to not only provide a road map for the mediator, and to establish credibility, but also to speak directly to both the opposing counsel and party regarding your positions, strengths and weaknesses of the opponent’s case, and why your argument will ultimately win the day. An attorney should always do their best to prepare an impactful, engaging and effective opening statement.

Client Preparation

An essential part of any mediation is client preparation, says John Church, lawsuit expert. Take time beforehand, and throughout the mediation process, to walk your client through each step of the mediation, as well as to properly explain the client’s role in the discussion and to establish that you, the attorney, will ultimately have authority when it comes to negotiations. Make sure your client knows what to expect.


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